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A Balancing Act

This whole week we’ve been talking about the importance of balance. So how do you have fun while staying fit and still working toward your goals? The key to a happy life is balance. This is also true when it comes fitness. If you are always on the grind and never give yourself a break, …

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Hand Placement

I’m back and today were going over hand placement while performing bicep curls. As with many other exercises, the effectiveness and efficiency of Curls can be altered by your hand positioning. Minor changes in how you grab the bar can have a big effect on the results of the exercise. Knowing how these variations affect …

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Many of you have questions about supplements, mainly because there are so many variations out there these days, but how do you know that your getting the right ones? Are they helping your progress? Not to mention quality! It can be very difficult to determine good quality from bad. Over my many years of training, …

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Rest, you need it!

Do you find yourself unable to fall asleep, always hurting, having mood swings, or have lost the desire to workout? If so, this could mean your not getting enough rest. When you put your body through exhausting workouts your actually creating micro tears to the muscle and breaking them down which is great if your …

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Bio Signature

Many people wonder why measuring your body fat is so important, at Gym Rats, we take it a step further by practicing Bio Signature which is a 12 site body fat measurement as well as overall body functionality assessment. Hormonal imbalances are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns including …

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