A Balancing Act

This whole week we’ve been talking about the importance of balance. So how do you have fun while staying fit and still working toward your goals? The key to a happy life is balance. This is also true when it comes fitness. If you are always on the grind and never give yourself a break, it is easy to burn out and give up on your goals. Know your self, If you eat good all week, and your craving some Inn n Out, give yourself that cheat meal, satisfy that craving, and get back on track. This is the reason most meal plans set aside one slot for a cheat meal because mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. Okay, now that your all making your way to nearest drive thru, keep in mind this is not a free for all eating binge. Everything in moderation…Summer time is full of BBQ’s, beach days, and a whole lot of party’s which is fun, but not the easiest to stay fit through, so do your best to stay focused, but also remember to enjoy life.

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