How long is each class? 

One hour.
10 min. Warm-up…
50 min. Workout.

What is recommended to bring to class?

Water, towel, “A” game.

Do  I need to purchase wraps and gloves for kickboxing? 


How do I lose body fat and gain lean muscle? 

Eat in a caloric deficit, eat protein at each meal.

Why is it important to know my body composition? 

Tells you exactly how much muscle you have on your body.  The more muscle you have the more fat you’ll burn. Plus if you’re just starting it’s good to know where you’re starting in how you can improve.

What is to be expected from training with a personal trainer?

Training that’s tailored to your specific goal, optimal benefits.

• What is to expect from a boot camp class?

Friendly group training that’s supervised by a certified trainer to help assist each member with their fitness goals.


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