Gym Rats Fit Inc. was formed in 2011 by fitness competitor Andres Nunez. He began his fitness journey ten years prior, starting in the gym as most beginners do. He quickly realized that he wanted to take his fitness to the next level. What began as daily exercise had now blossomed into a passionate and rewarding lifestyle. His undeniable dedication has taken him to new heights, including becoming a certified personal trainer, nutritional coach, fitness competitor, and group instructor. After completing his certifications, Nunez sought to open a comfortable and affordable training center designed for all fitness levels. Pursuing his dream, Gym Rats Fit Inc. was founded. From boot camps to personal training and more, Gym Rats has the ability to motivate, support, and guide all fitness needs. Our certified trainers will help and guide members to become healthier and happier versions of themselves.

At Gym Rats Fit, we will help you along your journey to better mind and body health. We know the importance of embracing physical activities that can make a big difference in overall health and fitness. Our ultimate goal is to help you help yourself by passing along knowledge, positive energy, and the motivation you need to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Our certified instructors possess the foundation of skills necessary to teach safe and effective fitness classes, regardless of your level. This includes weight control, body sculpting and toning, aerobic and anaerobic training, specific sport training, strength training, core strength, plyometric training, flexibility, stretching, and personal training. For questions, comments, or to schedule a free trial, please contact us anytime. Thank you!

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