Hand Placement

I’m back and today were going over hand placement while performing bicep curls. As with many other exercises, the effectiveness and efficiency of Curls can be altered by your hand positioning. Minor changes in how you grab the bar can have a big effect on the results of the exercise. Knowing how these variations affect your Curl can give you a boost in muscle size and help you better understand how to target them properly.   Supinated Grip with…

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Tips to Build Stronger, Leaner Glutes

Do you know where most of the muscles are located on your body? This may be news to you, but it is your back side. Training your glutes, hams, and back as hard as your “show muscles”, like your quads, biceps, shoulders, and chest, will help support your overall physique while giving you an impressive back side.   Tip #1 Always incorporate compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges. Deadlifts are your best bet when it comes to…

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Tempo (4-0-1-0)

What is Tempo? Tempo is the amount of time it takes to complete an entire repetition. More then likely, if you have never studied it you probably don’t know what it is. It’s the most underutilized technique when it comes to lifting and should never be overlooked if you plan on increasing your strength, size, and athletic performance. By using a tempo for any given exercise you place tension on your muscles, which is called “Time Under Tension or…

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The Deadlift is a great posterior chain exercise that will build strength and improve your body composition. There are many variations of deadlifting, by incorporating different lifts, you’ll continue to improve strength, prevent boredom, and stay injury free. Conventional Deadlifts: During this lift the primary movers are the glutes, hamstrings, and quads; but the calves and the upper and lower back play a very important role in making the movement complete. This variation of the deadlift is challenging and…

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“Pull-Ups” The King of Upper Body

When people talk about the squat or deadlift they usually say it’s the KING of all exercises. Which is true when it comes to recruiting the most muscles in a compound movement, the squat and deadlift both target a majority of your lower half like your quads and hamstrings while still engaging your core, upper back and calves. Now if you wanted the most bang for your buck in an upper body movement, would you choose a bicep curl…

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Increase Core Strength!

Check out Denise Gym Rats Fit PT client and Member performing a pike push-up while elevated on a swiss ball. This exercise requires a lot of core strength and balance and is a great variation to try if your looking to improve your push-ups, balance and wash board abs!! Great job Denise

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