The Deadlift is a great posterior chain exercise that will build strength and improve your body composition. There are many variations of deadlifting, by incorporating different lifts, you’ll continue to improve strength, prevent boredom, and stay injury free.

Conventional Deadlifts:
During this lift the primary movers are the glutes, hamstrings, and quads; but the calves and the upper and lower back play a very important role in making the movement complete. This variation of the deadlift is challenging and requires a lot of flexibility in the hips to maintain the natural curvature in the back.

Mistakes with Conventional Deadlifts:
Bar pulls away from body, rounding of the back, looking up, hyperextending when trying to lockout.

Hexbar Deadlift:
This variation of the deadlift is a good starting point for anyone new to the lift or coming back from an injury. Performing the hexbar deadlift will help develop a strong core, while minimizing stress on the joints. This can also be used for athletes looking to increase explosive power and strength.

Mistakes with Hexbar Deadlift:
Turing the lift into a squat by bringing the hips to low, as well as becoming to comfortable with the hexbar and not alternating with a barbell.

Romanian Deadlift:
The Romanian deadlift targets the glutes, hamstrings, and lower back to a greater degree then the conventional deadlift because the knees are only bent to 20 degrees. Many lifters find this variation easier to execute.

Mistakes with Romanian Deadlift:
Starting the lift from the ground, bringing the weight away from the body, rounding of the back, and letting the weights hit the floor.

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