Bio Signature

Many people wonder why measuring your body fat is so important, at Gym Rats, we take it a step further by practicing Bio Signature which is a 12 site body fat measurement as well as overall body functionality assessment. Hormonal imbalances are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns including poor sleep, low energy, impaired cognitive function, and more. By assessing these potential imbalances, we can determine how to properly breakdown body fat with nutrient supplementation and/or training and lifestyle modifications to improve body composition and overall well-being. Basically the Bio Signature lets us know exactly how your bodies metabolic system is running and how we can improve it. You do have to be certified to practice this type of measurement and it goes without saying how valuable this information is to improving your health and attaining your fitness goals!

The 12 sites are as followed:

1. Chin- Overall site, one of the first sites to drop fat
2. Cheek- Overall site, one of the first sites to drop fat
3. Pectoral- Androgen site, related to aromatase
4. Tricep- Androgen site
5. Subscapularis- Insulin site, genetic marker of carb tolerance, insulin management and inflammation
6. Midaxillary- Thyroid site
7. Supra-illac- Insulin site, carb intake
8. Umbilical- Cortisol site, reflects prolonged cortisol exposure
9. Knee- Growth Hormone site
10. Calves- Growth Hormone site, related to low IGF-1
11. Quadriceps- Estrogen site
12. Hamstring- Estrogen site

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