Farmer’s Walk

The farmer’s walk is a great unilateral exercise that helps address muscular imbalances especially in the posterior chain (backside). When performing this exercise correctly you’ll improve the strength of your core, shoulders, grip, forearms, and rhomboids. We also use this exercise to help strengthen the VMO (vastus medialias oblique) or teardrop-shaped muscle on the quad that keeps your knee stable. Strengthening the VMO will help improve your running speed for distance and short sprints. Another benefit of the farmer’s walk is ankle stability which is great for athletes who play sports or anyone that wants to improve balance. Adding this exercise to your weekly training will benefit your overall strength and do a number on your cardiovascular system producing fat-loss and a solid core!

Tips on correct form:

1. Lift the bars off the ground as if you were deadlifting, back straight with a slight arch to prevent injury
2. Upright position with a slight lean forward
3. Feet directly underneath shoulders
4. Center of grip handle, hook grip, or thumbless (depends on training stimulus)
5. Normal stride, fast pace
6. Abdominals engaged during lift and throughout the carry

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