Feedback Day

Are you ready for the big day? The big Feedback Day that is… Saturday March 4th is your day to let us know about anything that has been on your mind! We will be recording your input and using it to better our products and services. Do you want to know why Feedback is so important? Here are 5 reasons: Feedback is always there. Feedback is effective listening. Feedback can motivate. Feedback can improve performance. Feedback is a tool…

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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

How to calculate your Macros  It seems like every social media platform is trying to sell us on the newest and latest diet, weight loss pill, or magical teatox, when in reality it comes to calories in vs. calories out. What this means is if your maintenance level of calories is 2500 in order for you to lose weight you would need to eat less than 2500. If you ate 500 calories less you would be in a caloric…

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Tempo (4-0-1-0)

What is Tempo? Tempo is the amount of time it takes to complete an entire repetition. More then likely, if you have never studied it you probably don’t know what it is. It’s the most underutilized technique when it comes to lifting and should never be overlooked if you plan on increasing your strength, size, and athletic performance. By using a tempo for any given exercise you place tension on your muscles, which is called “Time Under Tension or…

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