The Benefits of a Sledgehammer

For fighters and athletes, sledgehammer exercises are great tools to use from time to time, whether it’s included in your circuit training program or as the primary tool you use for strength and power development.

Along with developing strength and power, you can also look to enhance wrist stability as well as strengthen the forearms and grip.

Grip strength is key for both strikers and grapplers along with the other major sports athletes.

Sledgehammer workouts are some of the meanest tools that you can train with, improving your strength, endurance, flexibility and explosive power.

When using a sledgehammer for strength training, it causes you to use the full range, multiple-joint movements focusing on acceleration, agility, coordination, speed, and mental toughness.

You can use it as a full body workout with or without a tire. You can also use the sledgehammer as a warm up exercise before starting your workout with another tool.

Sledgehammers will strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle.

This is the perfect tool for fighters looking to strengthen those areas and increase explosive power.

It allows for circular weight training exercises not possible with other traditional equipment. Your hand-eye coordination even improves!

Sledgehammer Training:

  • Tabata – (20/10) or (30/15) – 8 rounds
  • Circuit 1 – 8 Burpees – 16 Sledgehammer – 24 Ball Slams (30sec. rest after ea. exercise) 4-6x
  • Circuit 2 – 200ft Prowler Push – 20 Sledgehammer – 16 KB Swing  (30sec. rest after ea. exercise) 4-6x
  • Circuit 3 – 20 Sledgehammer –  30 Medicine Ball Side Slams – 20 KB Windmill  (30sec. rest after ea. exercise) 4-6x
  • Circuit 4 – 5 Man Makers – 10 Sledgehammer – 15 KB High Pull  (30sec. rest after ea. exercise) 4-6x

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