Challenge Accepted!!!

If your looking for that little extra push then our Gym Rats challenge is right for you. Not only does it help you to reach your goals, you can also win a whole lotta cash!!! We’ve been doing these challenges now for over 3 years and every challenge is unique and different than the one before mainly due to the contenders. So wether this is your tenth challenge or your doing it for the first time, its fair game for all. So check out our challenge details below and challenge yourself.

Details: This is a Body Fat loss challenge, not a weight loss challenge. Winning is by losing the greatest percent of your body fat. For example, if you are starting at 20% body fat and lose 10% body fat, you have lost 50% of your body fat and score 50 (that’s really good) Winner has highest score. The beauty of this contest is the weight doesn’t matter as it is not a true reflection of our overall fitness progress as muscle weighs much more than fat.

•Must be a Gym Rats Fit client

•Weigh in Monday August 14th/Tuesday August 15th and again at the end of the challenge Monday February 25th/Tuesday February 26th.

•Must like us on Facebook and Instagram

•Must check in on Facebook/Instagram minimum 3 times a week when you attend class or you will be disqualified.

• Use these hashtags #6weekchallenge #gymratsfit #getfitdontquit and tag @gymratsfit

•$60 buy-in includes discounted body composition; $40 towards pot, $20 for body comp.

•Separate men & women’s challenge

•Pictures will be taken of each challenger before and after for progress. We recommend wearing the same outfit, more tight fitting then lose.

•Prizes will be decided on the amount of contestants entries.

•Sign-up sheet is in the office. Payment is due at time of sign-up.

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